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Healing has many components and can be a complicated journey. The workshops are the result of José’s drive to share the tools she acquired with her clients and students. These are fun-filled meetings with lots of laughter, yet you will also hear serious and emotional stories when we share our experiences with one and another. New subjects to teach seem to come up almost monthly and Jose sometimes says, “Once your interest is sparked it is hard not to dig deeper and learn more, and more, and more….”.

Under her competent guidance, you can explore the chakra’s, Aura’s, Character structures, Chelation, Muscle testing, Meditation, José’s own theories and her Hands on energy-work.

You will not only love the companionship and the new knowledge, you will also change your life and see the bigger picture.

Are you curious about her “Backpack Theory”, “The Fast streaming river of life” or the real meaning of the word “Interesting”?

Explore all upcoming workshops below.


5 Character Defence Structures

The Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich noticed in his clients that certain childhood experiences created similar body types and psychological dynamics. These structures greatly influence our daily lives. Have you ever […]


The Wonders of the 7 Chakras

With Jose Van Haastert, spiritual teacher and master healer, you will explore the chakra’s in depth, and witness how José weaves the left brain knowledge and the right brain intuition […]


Energy 101

What is an Energy field? What is Energy Healing? How can I work with the energy to learn and grow as a person? What are chakras? How can learning about […]


Hands on Energy Work

Explore your own energy field and develop your innate healing abilities. Discover who you are and be ushered into the mysterious world of energy healing. Experience the power of group […]


Energy Healing Mystery Tour

Come on out and learn various simple healing techniques you can apply to yourself, friends and family. Explore your healing abilities and learn about such techniques as recapitulation using a […]


Chelation and the use of a Pendulum

Chelation is a hand on healing technique that everybody can learn. You will learn the hand positions used in this modality and how to determine the state of the chakra’s […]

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