Enjoy private one-on-one sessions with José and experience many Energy Medicine Techniques.

These techniques are intuitively applied by José in the private and calming setting of her office and will bring you into a deep state where your sub-consciousness enables you to let go of negative emotions, former traumatic experiences, limiting beliefs, chronic stress and many other conditions causing physical and emotional concerns.

Working with you in a 1-on-1 setting will be the start of your healing process, where José will promote changes in your field in order to give you clarity, more self-esteem, and relaxation.

The ultimate goal is to guide and teach you into understanding your vibrational system, including and beyond the physical, and make you aware of the interaction between your field and your body. As for the majority of her clients, this could spark your interest (and under her guidance, or the guidance of other teachers) you might want to explore tools in order to maintain your field. By implementing these gentle yet powerful tools in your daily routine you will create profound personal change and bring your life back into its flow.

Initial sessions are 1.5 hours, followed by 1 hour sessions.

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