José Van Haastert is a passionate, skilled teacher and gifted intuitive healer with tremendous insight in people’s body language. She accurately reads the underlying emotions responsible for the issue people seek her help for.


Her teachings are a combination of many traditions and lineages. She inspires people with her bold yet sincere opinion about spirituality, healing, and coaching.  She is known to be very determined and persistent to find answers when questions and problems are presented to her.


Life shaped her into a very good listener and she attracts many people seeking her advice. Her former banking career educated her about the importance of confidentiality, while honesty comes to her naturally.


She strongly believes you receive what you give. One of her main teachings is the importance of staying grounded.  She is able to maintain the connection with mother earth and the spiritual realm at the same time. She works from her right and left brain simultaneously. This probably is the reason why people perceive her as centered, down to earth and a great space-holder.


Her body’s ability to connect with the vibrations around her makes her a master at picking up the disturbances in her clients emotional, mental and etheric system. She feels this as a tingling, shiver or even as a pain in her body.  She can delve in a large toolbox with many techniques which she acquired during the many years studying and working in this field.


Clearing her own system is very important in order to keep her health optimal, and to be an open channel for the universal energy she works with. Growing up she didn’t realize she took on pain from people around her and often she was blamed to be “over-sensitive” or it was “all in her head”. It was a huge eye-opener to learn from one of her first metaphysical teachers she dealt with Synesthesia; the ability to “feel into” others’ also known as Empathy. From there she turned lemons into lemonade and it became her strength rather than her weakness.


José is a beautiful soul, full of wisdom, love, and compassion. Her energy is absolutely magnetic. She truly is a beautiful teacher and healer. She has an open personality and is easy to approach, spreading her light while she builds relationships with her students and clients. She loves to help people and push them to go beyond their boundaries into the space of their endless potential.


Her client services are a combination of multiple modalities, applying a unique blend of techniques. She enjoys working with children which requires a different set of skills. The openness and unlimited honesty make her smile over and over again. Feedback from a 7-year-old girl: “Mammy could we buy the house that’s for sale at José’s road? Please!!! Then we can see her more often”.


José is available for personal and remote work via phone or the Internet with fluency in English and Dutch.


Thank you!