5 Character Defence Structures

The Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich noticed in his clients that certain childhood experiences created similar body types and psychological dynamics. These structures greatly influence our daily lives.

Have you ever wondered why dog owners eventually resemble their dogs after awhile? Or the couple married for 60 years look like brother and sister? Why people with the tendency to bully actually have a soft heart? Yes really!!! Or why your colleague seems to have empty eyes halfway through you explaining something?

(Believe me; it is NOT because YOU were boring or not clear!).

Those are the questions answered during these classes and much more will come up. Knowing these structures will send you on a path of self-awareness and recognition!

Come and join a wonderful group of seekers and learners.


When: Saturday, February 2, 2019

Where: 5226 Douglas Line, Plympton-Wyoming, ON N0N 1J5

(Bring your own lunch, snack, and drinks available)


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